Assurance Wireless changes their plans, now offers 250 free minutes and 250 texts per month

Time and again, it has been said that the increased competition in Lifeline free government wireless phone program business will ultimately drive innovation and bring in better service for the customers. Assurance Wireless, a leading cell phone provider participating in the Lifeline program has in fact proven the theory to be absolutely correct. Assurance Wireless has broken away from its increasing large number of competitors by offering 250 free voice minutes along with 250 texts every month as part of Lifeline wireless service. This significant change is really huge and a big news of all times. However, it was buried deep within the terms and conditions of the service contract and not quite publicized, though it should have been. 

The money quote states that every month, eligible customers would receive 250 free minutes plus 250 domestic messages (IM, emails and text) on the very first day of every service cycle. Till this new service was offered, users were only restricted to 250 voice minutes per month in order to call their doctors, make emergency calls to friends and families, stay in touch with them and to search for prospective jobs. A few companies also allowed their users to text; however each text was counted typically as one minute cut from their monthly allotment. Due to the availability of this new plan from Assurance Wireless, users are greatly appreciating the added flexibility. 

The free text plan may or not be available in your state. Assurance Wireless is now available in Arkansas, Alabama, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Georgia, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Louisiana, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Utah, South Caroline, Virginia, Texas, West Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. Since Assurance Wireless is one of the fastest growing companies under Lifeline program and a subsidiary of Virgin Mobile, it is expanding rapidly into other states.

Once you enroll yourself in the free mobile phone program offered by Assurance Wireless, you will be enrolled automatically in its basic plan which includes a free cell phone, 250 voice minutes and 250 domestic messages per month. Additionally, you can pay $5 per month to increase you airtime to 500 minutes. By increasing to $20 per month, you can receive 1000 airtime minutes along with a thousand domestic messages. One thing you need to understand is that minutes don’t rollover. All unused minutes would be discarded at the end of the month and your allotment for the next month would start afresh. For the $5 and $20 offers, you can only avail these upgrades if you have the correct amount of money in your account. If you have used all your voice minutes within a month before the start of your next monthly cycle and there is sufficient balance within your account, then you would be charged 10$ for every additional minute that you use. Without sufficient balance, you would be limited only to calling 911 or customer service numbers.


Free Voice Calls and Texting on Assurance Wireless

The federal lifeline assistance program, initiated by the US government targets families having low income to enjoy various forms benefits regarding telephone services. People living in the States under the federal lifeline scheme like Hawaii, Louisiana, Indiana, Delaware, Alaska, North Carolina, North and South Dakota are eligible to enjoy these benefits. Assurance Wireless is one such Federal Lifeline Assisting scheme under the Virgin Mobile. 

Services by Assurance Wireless

Assurance free Cell phone services give out free handsets with a 250 minutes fee talktime to each family having a low monthly income. The mobile phones are free of cost and if anyone wishes to use a better model, it is also available at low rates. Recently, the Assurance Wireless also added the scheme of free 250 text messages every month. If required, additional free minutes can also be added that too at a very low cost.

Features and specification of the services

Each family qualifying the eligibility criteria can apply to the program. Each phone will have the facilities like call waiting, call forwarding and even access to the emergency number 911. In case, required, the more free minutes or messages can be availed at a less charge of $5 per month. Various packs are offered for people who need to use wireless connections frequently at very few charges.

Eligible people to enjoy free minutes and messages

Not every people of the states approved by Lifeline program can enjoy these benefits. The eligible people should have an income of equal to below poverty line. The person must be a frequenter of regular participants of federal lifeline programs like Public Housing assistance, Medicaid or Food Stamps or even in programs to assist needy families. In case, a person does not belong to any of the Federal approved state, he can easily claim to the assurance Lifeline programs if he is unable to have a sufficient income. The subsidies are in the form of free voice call minutes or free messages, on the other hand, may vary from state to state.

How to apply for the benefits

Well, applying to an Assurance Wireless scheme is easy and reliable. Firstly, the person should have been fulfilled the eligibility criteria which may although vary state to state. Secondly, to apply to the Assurance assisting scheme, the person needs to show a proof of its participating in any of the federal assisting programs. In case, the person wishes to get more free minutes, he can either upgrade his free minutes plan of assurance Wireless or pay a minimal of 10 cents for each extra minute.

Overview of Assurance Wireless 

For economically backward sections, it is difficult to access all the basic requirement of a daily healthy lifestyle. Moreover, telephone services, in today’s world, are quite a necessity. Assurance Wireless Program by Virgin Mobile that is collaborating with the Federal Lifeline Programs is much more varied and reliable than any other similar schemes. It is indeed worth mentioning it to be the best among all. 


Assurance Wireless now offering free government cell phones in Wisconsin

As the Lifeline program gets introduced in its 32nd state, Assurance Wireless helps more than nearly 828,000 eligible Wisconsin citizens to remain connected. According to a new report in 2012, the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker had got the budget problems in his under control and its economy was turning around, however the Badger state still had plenty of residents who were more than happy to learn than the cell phone provider company, Assurance Wireless would be doing business in Wisconsin, the land of cheese. Improved economy or not, the statistics of the state are quite statling and thereby emphasize the need of Lifeline program. More than about 200,000 million residents still remain unemployed where as a shocking 19% lie below federal poverty line. In case you haven’t really heard of Assurance Wireless, it is one the leading providers of government cell phones of the nation under Lifeline Assistance program. It uses Nationwide Sprint network and is currently serving more than 280 million customers.

Since Assurance Wireless has approved to offer its services in Wisconsin, customers can stay more connected to the potential employers, childcare and medical providers. It is imperative to provide eligible Wisconsin residents with such type of resources and support during tough economic times. The Lifeline program was created for ensuring that free cell phones and services are available to the low income Americans which is now possible in Wisconsin because of Assurance Wireless. In order to be qualified for a free cell phone service through Assurance Wireless, you should have already participated in one or more government assisted programs like Food Stamps, Medicaid, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, National School’s Free Lunch program or Section 8 Housing. If you are not a part of any of these programs, you may still qualify if the net income of your household is below 135% of federal poverty guidelines.

So what exactly does Assurance Wireless offer to its customers? Well, it’s a lot more than what low income residents expect and need. Eligible residents will get free cell phones along with 250 voice minutes per month, call waiting, caller ID, voice mail and 911 access during emergencies. Beyond the usual 250 minutes provided every month, customers can also choose from other options to purchase additional minutes, international calling, texting and more. If you think that you are eligible, then you can apply by visiting their site or calling Assurance Wireless. Now that Assurance Wireless has set its roots in Winconsin, its service is available in a total of 37 states and territories including Arkansas, Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, California, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maryland, Missouri, Mississippi, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New Hampshire, North Carolina, New York, Oklahoma, Ohio, Puerto Rico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia and Washington. For more information, you can call on their toll free numbers and find about your eligibility criteria in the particular state. 


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